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Microsoft releases new Atlas Control Toolkit for Ajax web developers
04/14/2006, By Ajax Impact News

Microsoft recently has released new CTP and an Atlas Control Toolkit. This tool kit includes full source code, documentation and working samples to help Web developers. Atlas is an Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) style development platform for web developers.

Microsoft release note said that in the near future, it will release the code in the tool kit as a community Shared Source project that enables developers at Microsoft and selected community members to contribute to the code base and augment the tool kit for everyone to use.

The Atlas Control Toolkit is intended to enable developers using Microsoft's Visual Studio to quickly and easily build controls that take advantage of Atlas client-side technologies and are readily consumable by server-side ASP.Net developers. Now Web developers can use the Atlas Control Toolkit in their Atlas-enabled Web sites to build their own reusable Atlas components.

The Atlas Web site also gets a new look and now Atlas also features in some of the controls. The web site also have plenty of learning material such as updated documentation, Webcasts, screencasts, expert videos and Quickstart tutorials etc.

List of controls and extenders, included in the "Atlas" Control Toolkit:

  • CascadingDropDown: Easily link drop downs, complete with asynchronous population and no postbacks.

  • CollaspiblePanel: This extender allows panels on your page to collapse and expand with no code.

  • ConfirmButton: This extender adds a confirm dialog to any Button, LinkButton, or ImageButton control.

  • DragPanel: Makes any panel into an object that you can drag around the page.

  • HoverMenu: Allows UI to pop up next to a control when the user hovers over it.

  • PopupControl: This extender turns any panel into a popup.

  • ReorderList: This control is a full-featured data-bound control that allows its elements to be reordered on the client via drag and drop.

  • TextBoxWatermark: This extender adds "watermark" prompt text to TextBoxes on the page.

  • ToggleButton: This extender turns an ASP.NET CheckBox into an image checkbox.

  • Recently Microsoft announced "Atlas" at the MIX06 conference in March. It was described as "a free, AJAX-style framework for building a new generation of richer, more interactive, highly personalized standards based Web applications."

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