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Ajax Arrives for the Enterprise
03/15/2006, By Christopher Lindquist

Freely draggable satellite images on Google maps. Instant spellchecking in Gmail. They’re cool features. Admit it. The launch of tools such as those revitalized interest in both the online mapping and Web-mail markets. With a flourish, Google demonstrated that browser-based applications could support rich client-like capabilities and performance—without the rich client.

The secret sauce was a clever combination of JavaScript and XML. XML-based data could be pre-downloaded into the user’s browser where JavaScript code could quickly perform operations on it—sorting a list of products or e-mail on the fly—without the tedious back and forth between browser and server.

The idea was not new: Developers have been using JavaScript and locally cached data to offer rich interfaces since the ‘90s. But most users still connected to the Internet via dial-up connections, making background data downloads tricky. Browser compatibility with JavaScript was hit and miss. And limited processing power on client PCs could throttle the performance of all but the most simple JavaScript applications.

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